Seyðisfjörður is the heart of
culture, heritage and hospitality in East Iceland.

Nestled between Mt. Bjólfur (1085m) and Strandartindur (1010m) this tranquil town has a relaxed atmosphere and offers a range of cultural and outdoor activities, unique dining experiences and various shops for families and explorers to enjoy. The small towns center is known for its many original early 19th-century timber houses and picturesque setting around the lagoon. The town stretches along the south side of the fjord, but along the shoreline, you can find access to the sea, rocky beaches, a puffin colony and ruins of former activity.

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What to do

There’s plenty of fun to be had in Seyðisfjörður. Outdoor activities, dining, shopping or museums and other cultural events – you can find them here.
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Where to stay

Despite there only being around 300 houses in Seyðisfjörður, finding a place to stay is simple and easy. Hosting has been a passion for locals throughout the years and is visible through the wide selection of accommodation. In Seyðisfjörður you will find hostels, hotels, guesthouses as well as a camping ground and caravan site.

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Shopping & Dining

Eat, drink, buy stuff and be merry. Here you can find various restaurants and shops with local goods.

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Virtual tour

Explore the area from above, discover new destinations and hikes.

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