Pride Parade in Seyðisfjörður

17. August, 2019 – 11. April, 2024

Pride in Seyðisfjörður!

Come join us in our annual Pride Parade where we celebrate love and diversity. The walk begins at 14:00 on Saturday the 17th of August from our beautiful rainbow street and the parade takes us around the streets of Seyðisfjörður.
Afterwards have a look at the various events happening at Café Lára and Sirkus in the honor of Pride.

How come there is a Pride Parade in Seyðisfjörður?

It all started when Snorri Emilsson could not make the 2014 Pride Parade in Reykjavík, but he had taken part in it for the 3 previous years. He had heard of a few friends that had been in that situation before and had decided to walk up and down Norðurgata to show their support for LGBTQ rights. He found it to be an excellent idea and decided to do the same himself. Snorri got permission to plug his music player into the sound system at Kaffi Lára and put a single speaker outside, and with him 6 people took part in the parade some of whom just happened to be there. When he posted photos on Facebook a number of people asked why he had not advertised it so the following year he posted the event on Facebook and the reception it got was way beyond expectations. A group of friends came together and offer to help organizing the parade and because it looked to be a lot bigger affair than the previous year, it was decided to do walk around the town rather than just up and down Norðurgata. The local authorities and the police showed a lot of understanding and gave the green light even with the short notice. In 2015 around 70 people turned up to show their support and when the parade finished 45 minutes later the group was almost 120 people. That was the start of something great and the next year over 200 people took part in the parade. The Queer Parade – Pride Parade also in Seyðisfjörður is here to stay.


Why Pride Parade also in Seyðisfjörður?

The parade in Seyðisfjörður is open to everyone. One of the original organizers thought that it should have its own identity and came up with the name. The rest of the group agreed and therefore it is called Queer Parade – Pride Parade also in Seyðisfjörður.


How is it organized?

The group of people that have been organizing the parade does all the work as volunteers, no one takes any pay and the cost has been paid out of their own pockets, there is now the promise of some financial help from the local businesses to help us cover the cost of hosting the event.

Norðurgötuhópurinn (business owners at Norðurgata) have been really supportive and they have organized the decoration for the street each year. A few years ago they arranged to paint the street in rainbow colours and Norðurgata is now one of the most photographed place in Seyðisfjörður.

The Pride Service Center has supported the parade by sending merchandise that has been loaned or given to the crowd. People now have told us that they want to buy the merchandise so the plan is to have some for sale at cost price.

Kaffi Lára has participated in the Queer Parade from the start and they host the Pride Disco in the evening.

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