LungA Art Festival

11. July, 2021 – 18. July, 2021


LungA Art Festival is a yearly event held in Seydisfjordur. In the middle of July people gather for a week in this small town of only 700 inhabitants, to enjoy the space that gets created by electric vibes from various art forms melting together when young people from all over the world unite in one place through their creativity. The week ends off with a celebration, exhibitions and concerts.

LungA is first and foremost a festival with the purpose of summoning people in creation and to strengthen awareness and knowledge about art and culture. LungA is a terrific venue for those who are thinking of further art studying or teaching at art schools. Since the beginning, LungA has been part of creating a creative and artistic environment in Seydisfjordur, and has gained a strong reputation, in both Iceland and abroad, for it’s ability to create and facilitate an amazing atmosphere and high quality workshops and activities. Furthermore it brings joy, self realization, new friends, lovers and good memories to those who visit.

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