The Blue Church Concert Series

7. July, 2021 – 4. August, 2021

The Blue Church summer concert series

The Blue Church Summer Concert Series was founded in 1998 by Muff Worden, musician and Sigurður Jónsson engineer. The concerts are held in the church of Seyðisfjörður on Wednesday nights in July and early August. The aim is to offer a program consisting of different music styles, where classical music, jazz and blues, folk music and lighter music get to shine. The performers are usually highly qualified musicians.
The Seyðisfjörður church is a good concert house, praised by the performers. It houses a fairly new Steinway grand piano and a Frobenius organ with 14-15 stops. It has seats for 300 people. The concert guests are both locals and foreign travellers.

The concerts are held in the Seydisfjordur church. An emphasis has been on offering a varied type of concerts where classical music, jazz and blues, folk music and lighter music can be enjoyed.

The concerts start at 20:30 and the tickets are sold at the church entrance half an hour before.
Standard ticket price is 3000ISK and 2000ISK for students and seniors.
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Program 2021


July 7th

Saxophones in Seyðisfjörður – Vigdís Klara Aradóttir and Guido Baeumer play the alt-saxophone


July 14th

High Energy American Blues and Bluegrass with Dirty Cello


July 21st

Sjana sings the boys – lightly jazzed versions of songs from some of Icelands most beloved artists


July 28th

Aurora – With their performance the a capella group Olga Vocal Ensemble will interpret the beauty of the Aurora


August 4th

Moonlight and Curbstones – The indy band Coney Island Babies perform song inspired by the heavy rhythm of the eastfjord waves.


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